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Hi Folks,

Bumpa here, We’re about to do our 15th Show… holy shi#!…. and we’ve really neglected our blog page which is currently set as our “website” (www.wickedpissahshow.com).  Our last show posted on here I think was Show #3 with Byron, Rizzo and Myself.  Things have changed since then…  Rizzo left the show due to constant schedule conflicts, no one can blame family and work as a priority.  Byron and I decided to continue on without him and did a couple shows with just the two of us but we soon realized we really needed a third stooge.

So we had Ali join us as a guest host and we had instant team chemistry and by our second show we asked Ali to join our team permanently and she ecstatically accepted to join us and it’s been a great ride on 10 shows and counting with Ali. Ali has fully embraced the Wicked Pissah Show culture and provides so much additional content to each show.  The shows are F’n hilarious!!  Two idiots and a chick!

“Fuck it, we’re going LIVE!!”

We ditchde the process of simply recording shows then sharing them and decided to broadcast LIVE!!  We custom built a full studio in the Meadowbrook Building and added cameras. We broadcast on Spreaker.com via Our Spreaker Channel (Podcast) and on YouTube via Our YouTube Channel. All shows are also saved and can be listened to or watched later on these sites.

We take callers too!!  Like and follow our Facebook page for funny stuff  and promos.  And we just released our first T-shirts for sale, great quality (fruit of the loom) and great price! See the page for the link.  Lots of great stuff coming SOON.  Stay tuned!!

Here’s our newest picture:



Halloween Costume Contest!!

Our Halloween Costume Contest is in full swing! Submit your photo entry today!

☆HalloweenCostume Contest☆ $50 Gift Card for 1st place Overall Winner. Share and spread the word!

So here we go…The Wicked Pissah Show Halloween Costume Contest starts on October 1st and ends October 31 at 11:59pm EST. Rules are as follows
1.) 1 entry per person
3.) Photo must be sent via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email. wickedpissashow@gmail.com
4.) No entry will be considered valid if sent after 11:59PM EST on October 31, 2016.
5.) The Wicked Pissah show reserves the right to use any submitted photo on any of our social network sites, also unlimited use which may be posted or displayed on TWPS accounts or websites.
6.) The Wicked Pissah Show reserves the sole right to reject any submissions that are deemed inappropriate for any reason.
7.) Any Crew Member/Employee or Family Member of the Wicked Pissah Show are ineligible for this contest.
8.) Open to U.S. Residents ONLY and must be 18 or older.
9.) Your submission acknowledges that you accept these Rules & Terms.

first prize is a $50.00 gift card, other prizes also.
They will be announced a little later on.
So dress up, send in your photo and you could be a winnah!



Good shows to listen to

We at the Wicked Pissah Show love to hear other podcasters, and love to share the stuff we like.. Here are a couple we came across in our travels..

A New Beginning , Another show partly out of Massachusetts and Illinois, a great listen..


The Black Dog Radio Show, a great group of people talking about some fun and interesting stuff.


The Wicked Pissah Show

Three guys doing a fun and insightful “Talk Radio show” (Podcast & on youtube). Join Bumpa, Byron & Frank as they talk about current & trending news, sports, funny stuff, married life, food, and whatever the heck comes to mind. Caution: We use swear words.

We want to hear what topics you want us to discuss! Leave a comment or send an email to us at