Good Times for the Show

Hi folks, it’s Bumpa here. Our show continues to build an audience and regular followers, it’s really awesome! As Byron previously mentioned, we’ve been working on some stuff for 2017 and believe it or not, as “all over the map” we are, we have a format. Now we’re tweaking it to keep the shows full of great content without being so long. Like always, it’s a work in progress.

We’ve continued to spice up the Adult part of our show by giving our Sexual Correspondent and Expert Kelsie Rossi her own segment on the Show, Kelsie’s Kinky Korner. Steamy and humorous all in one. 

We are also mixing things up by frequently having a Guest to sit in as our 4th Co-host.  Could Rizzo be in that mix? 

A shout out to our “Showmance” partners, The Black Radio Show.  If you listen to us, you gotta listen to “Black Dog”. We go hand in hand. Thanks for listening to our show and we always welcome feedback, comments, questions, suggestion, etc. just shoot us a facebook message or email to 


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