Wicked Pissah Show Episode 24

Hey there, it’s Byron writing this post today,

We wrapped up show 24, another techno-gremlin filled episode fraught with glitches, gaffs and some dead air, but all in all, we are getting better, right?

This show contained a lot of current events and featured Powerglide with their song One Good Lick. A great music group that we were turned on to by The Black Dog Radio Show. Other topics included parenting differences between what we experienced growing up and how the Millennials parent (or DON’T) today.

The next show we’re hoping to debut a song by a band who I know the lead singer from, they’re called SINN. Lead singer/guitarist ¬†Nikki Sinn is a talented artist who has been in the local scene for a long while and I think they sound great. I hope you will enjoy them also.

We love hearing from you, and want you to be involved in future shows, call us, email us… We want to entertain you. Currently we are working on a¬†system to make the show a little less chaotic, setting up a kind of segmented program, possibly even segments dedicated to weekly updates and new features.

Thanks for listening!